If you're like me, you know all events are not created equal. There are summer barbecues that call for ice cream and a child's birthday that needs nothing more than cupcakes (they only eat the icing anyway). But once in a while there is a party that is truly special. Maybe its a big anniversary or milestone or wedding. And a memorable party like that calls for a memorable cake.

That's why I started Three Little Cakes, because I wanted to make elegant, modern and unique custom cakes that are truly unforgettable. And isn't that what you want your celebration to be?

I received my Baking and Pastry certification from the Culinary Academy of San Francisco and knew right away my passion was in making cakes. I didn't want to make just any cake though; I wanted to make cakes that bring my love of architecture, fashion and art into the fold.

Fast forward ten years and I've added a husband and three children to the mix. The result is Three Little Cakes - named after my sweet little girls who never cease to inspire and remind me that there are special moments in our lives that are truly worth celebrating.